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Alpine Oolong (Jie Guan Yin)

Jie Guan Yin is produced in the Fujian province of China and is a partly fermented tea which is very well known as one of the famous teas of China. A favourite of tea lovers with its fresh mountain feel. A true taste of Nature in its purest form.

The tea brews to a pale yellow colour and produces a beautifully sweet floral natural taste and aroma which is unparalleled.


Lotus tea

Lotus tea provides you with a refreshing alternative to traditional weight-loss therapies. A far cry from restrictive diets, this sumptuous blend serves as a treat that can be enjoyed at any time, guilt free. Working to slowly break down fat deposits, this slimming tea serves as an all-natural weight loss aid, meaning that you don't have to put your trust in any chemical concoctions or miracle diets.



Loose Leaf vs. Teabag

Say no to artificial additives and industrial interference which destroy the goodness inherent in the simple tea leaf.

Stay true to the guiding principles of the 3,000 year old tea tradition.

Tea leaves can impart their full set of health properties as well as a heavenly taste & aroma only when prepared carefully.

We sell only the best fresh loose organic tea. No compromise on the quality level.

Image: organic fresh loose leaf tea.

Gaia's Tea Tip - In Memory ...

On this occasion, we all join in our prayers the ones who are missing in the latest tragedy in South Korea.

From wherever we are let's all keep in our hearts and minds the ones who left us so young, so unexpectedly to a place of eternal peace.



Best Prices Guaranteed

We at In Nature are obsessed with providing the highest quality.

However, we are pleasantly surprised that our prices are still much lower than competitors. For example we offer the same green and jasmine tea of the very highest grade possible, for practically half the price in the market.

You will surely note that In Nature is truly committed to our customers and to keep prices affordable so everyone can buy the very best fresh teas and enjoy an authentic Pure Tea Experience.

Better taste, better prices and better health to everyone, exclusively from In Nature. Guaranteed.

High Grade Organic Tea Online

Our focus is to make fresh & Pure Organic Teas available to everyone around the world at the convenient click of a button.

We deliver worldwide.

Create a tea gift, organise a fun tea party or maybe even hold an elaborate tea ceremony!

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