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  • Welcome to In Nature Teas, the Ultimate Tea Experience

    Welcome to In Nature Teas

    The Ultimate Tea Experience

  • Lotus tea.

    Best Prices, Guaranteed

    Organic Premium Teas

    Superior Quality from the Finest Tea Gardens

    Unique Selection of Pure, Wild, Flower and Slim Teas

  • Organic black tea.

    100% Pure & Natural

    Absolutely Nothing Added

    Exclusively Sourced from Small Local Farmers

    All Fresh, Hand Picked with no Industrialised Process

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    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    Full Refund no Questions Asked.

    Enjoy the Exquisite Taste and Aroma from Pure Teas
    Superior Health Benefits and Well Being

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HOLIDAY OFFER - 20% off + free gifts
All the Gift Packs below will have a 20% discount - applied at the check out - valid until December 25, 2014.
We are also adding to this holiday offer, a silk bag + a tea strainer and a bamboo tea spoon with any of the gifts on offer below.

Image: Tea offer - Xmas gift pack.Natural Gift
A green tea + a lotus tea + a wild honey for only 20 pounds Sterling with 20% OFF at checkout + PP.

Show you care, give pure teas to the ones you love.

Image: Tea offer - Xmas gift pack.Premium Gift
2 raw wild honeys, white tea, puerh tea aged 5 years and a slim-line Lotus tea for only 35 pounds Sterling with 20% OFF at checkout + PP.

One unique exquisite gift to someone special that shows that you care.

Image: Tea offer - Xmas gift pack.Detox Pack
A green tea + a lotus tea for only 15 pounds Sterling with 20% OFF at checkout + PP.

Image: Tea offer - Xmas gift pack.Slim Pack
A slim-line lotus tea tea, puerh tea aged 5 years and a mountain green tea for only 20 pounds Sterling with 20% OFF at checkout + PP.

One unique exquisite gift to someone special that shows that you care.


Gaia's Tea Tip - Tea, Nature's Gift

Many of you have been our customers for a good while and for that we are indeed very grateful. Moreover we are so privileged to have the opportunity to share with you this gift from Nature.

There is not enough money in the world that would make me say these words if I did not believe in what I say and write. These pure teas are not only a treat for the taste but also a truly health boost, in far more levels that you can imagine. Can you feel it ? ...

I hope by now you do and able to enjoy and share with family and friends. It will surely make a real difference in your life. I can assure it will as it has done in mine and millions of tea drinkers of pure teas (not industrial tea bags mixes) all across the world. Our sensational offers with a 20% discount are still ON.

Warm regards,


Our Customers Comment

i found your tea in a shop in Bath, a very small quantity, and bought oolong & jasmine; i drank some of each tea that day & returned the next to buy all they had. that's how i discovered In Nature tea.
i only drink fine, loose chinese tea & yours is definitely the very finest flavour that i have ever drunk. i cannot wait to try the premium Jasmine.
thank you & every good wish, - Lesley, Bath, UK

Firstly, I'd like to say that I am a regular customer of yours, I buy my favourite white silver needle tea regularly from you, and I'd like to thank you for the great service and most importantly for the quality of your products. The tea always comes fresh, and has an excellent taste. I always enjoy my little tea ceremony.  - Anna - Bristol

Thank you so much and looking forward to tasting your other teas. I bought it for its health properties especially for keeping my weight down. If you can recommend anything else that'd be great! - Abraham, London, UK

I have just had the pleasure to try your Pure Natural Oolong Tea. Without a doubt the best tea I have ever tasted. I am now recommending it to everyone! - Jim - Edinburgh

This order arrived today thanks so much looks wonderful such beautiful packaging. - Liam - Dublin

At first I thought oh ANOTHER 'Pure Black Tea'. BUT this is NOT your average tasting black tea! This is fantastic!

This is fantastic! The taste is so full and so bold! WOW! I'm truly amazed! It infused pretty dark and smells almost 'baked'. - Jennifer, USA

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