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  • Welcome to In Nature Teas, the Ultimate Tea Experience

    Welcome to In Nature Teas

    The Ultimate Tea Experience

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    All Fresh, Hand Picked with no Industrialised Process

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In Nature offers the lowest prices & the highest quality in the market with the lowest delivery charges and FREE UK delivery on orders over 30 pounds Sterling.
100% Guaranteed

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Gaia's Tea Tip - A Complaint About Our Teas

This week we had a lovely lady, who made a complaint about our teas . She mentioned that they changed from when she purchased a few months back to most recently. I think her comments are indeed relevant, so I feel it is very important that we share her concerns with all our valued customers.

Sometimes and I would say often the taste, aroma, look and in some ways the over all quality of the leaves may change - and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a sign that these are Fresh and Pure Tea leaves, just as Nature that it does change every day, every Season.

For the record in the past few years - we made NO change in supplier of our Teas, but one must be clear that every Harvest , every Season , all FRESH teas do change .... especially the green tea .

So you understand how sensitive this issue is from March to May , Fresh Green Teas , Long Jin, have a daily name and market code and I repeat, daily ... as they have constant changes as far as the size, taste and colour of the leaves .... so a tea harvested in April is very, VERY different then a tea harvested in August .... still the same teas technically.

Tea bags do not change because they are not real fresh teas but industrial mixes with all sorts of additives, mass produced by machines to make a profit ... ours is handpicked , one leaf at a time.

We are indeed committed to the highest quality of every single leaf as well to the natural changes that Mother Nature produces,as a natural part of the Tea Culture.

Warm regards,


Our Customers Comment

I have just had the pleasure to try your Pure Natural Oolong Tea. Without a doubt the best tea I have ever tasted. I am now recommending it to everyone! - Jim - Edinburgh

This order arrived today thanks so much looks wonderful such beautiful packaging. - Liam - Dublin

Hi Sandy

Thanks for the info re: 85 c. It's true when the water is not too hot the tea even tastes better. - Lorraine, UK

At first I thought.oh.ANOTHER "Pure Black Tea'. BUT this is NOT your average tasting black tea! This is fantastic! The taste is so full and so bold! WOW! I'm truly amazed! It infused pretty dark and smells almost 'baked'. The taste is a magnified black - not a bitter black but a cakey, bakey, chewy type black!

 - Jennifer, USA

Thanks Sandy I m sure this will be a regular order !!! Your products look fantastic and unique !! And great customer service !!! - Kevin S, London, UK

Firstly, I'd like to say that I am a regular customer of yours, I buy my favourite white silver needle tea regularly from you, and I'd like to thank you for the great service and most importantly for the quality of your products. The tea always comes fresh, and has an excellent taste. I always enjoy my little tea ceremony.  - Anna - Bristol

i found your tea in a shop in Bath, a very small quantity, and bought oolong & jasmine; i drank some of each tea that day & returned the next to buy all they had. that's how i discovered In Nature tea. i only drink fine, loose chinese tea & yours is definitely the very finest flavour that i have ever drunk. i cannot wait to try the premium Jasmine. thank you & every good wish, - Lesley, Bath, UK

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