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Three simple steps to assist you in making the best choices of teas.

Image: Choosing the best organic Chinese Tea to suit your needs.


Sweet Taste – Jasmine / Oolong / White

Fresh taste – Jie Guan Yin / Green

Soothing Taste – Puerh / Black

Health Benefits

Slimming - Oolong / Puerh

Detoxify – Green / puerh

Low Caffeine – Jasmine / Oolong

Digestion – Puerh / Black

Energy – Green / Oolong

Skin and Nails – Dong Fang / Oolong

Menopause and Menstrual cramps – Dong Fang /Oolong

Teas and Seasons

Spring - Oolong / White

Summer – Green / Oolong

Autumn - Black / jasmine

Winter - Black / Puerh


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